Dunkertons – Perry

Dunkertons – Perry

Yes, I know the strictly speaking this is a Perry and not a cider, but essentially we have a load of pears and it is made in the same way.

The Cider Dunkertons – Perry; 7.5%

This has a lot more of a cider-apple aroma than a pear aroma; that said the aroma is overall a lot lighter and delicate in comparison, but still plenty of that distinctive fermented, musty smells coming up. Pale yellow, slightly cloudy, some bubbles rising.  Quite a lot of sweetness with plenty of kick and subtle pear taste. Really very good.

I’ve still got quite a few more ciders to go through from Dunkertons and I am looking forward to stocking up. This is another really good cider/perry from Dunkertons.

Website – Dunkertons


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