Aspall – Organic Suffolk Cyder

Aspall – Organic Cyder

I am starting to get my head around cider. For a start I realise that I have got the glass all wrong and need to get hold of a proper one.  Aspall have been producing ciders since 1728 so my guess is they know what they are doing

The Beer Aspall – Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder; 7%

This is a full nose of fresh apples, very fresh with that ever so slight musty aroma that comes with cider. A light amber with not too many bubbles. quite fizzy when it hits the mouth and across the tongue; really delicious taste of sweet golden apples that explodes across the taste buds which is certainly robust but balanced to give you plenty of fruitiness throughout;a little dry but again delicately balanced; another stealth drink, somewhere in there is a potent hit of alcohol.

I was wrong. They really know what they are doing. This has such a gorgeously fruity taste it just comes out and kisses the inside of the mouth delicately letting you know that you’ve really been treated to something delicious and altogether wonderful. Their website just teased my the whole time, a premier cru that is heavy on the world awards, a cider version of a kir royale, this is simply cider porn. Drinking this has made me really chuffed that I have brought ciders into the mix of tastings. I only wish I’d kept the peace lily in the background, adds a little something else to the image. Simply Outstanding.

Website Aspall Cider

One thought on “Aspall – Organic Suffolk Cyder

  1. Nicely done. Sounds more than intriguing. For those of us in the Colonies, awash in the horrors of Bud and Keystone Light, is there an easy way to identify whether these reviewed beers are available to us plebes via export?

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