O’Fallon Brewery – Wheach

O'Fallon - Wheach

For those of us not from round these parts, Autumn is fast approaching; this means that sooner or later I need to start photographing beers during the day (what there is left of the sun) or getting into the studio and getting those flashes working properly. It also means that in the two years I’ve been in US I am steadfastly resistant to using the North American version for Autumn – fall is what happens when you have too much to drink and the days get shorter, you can’t see where you are going.

This is a Peach Wheat beer

The Beer O’Fallon Brewery – Wheach; 5.1% abv, 7 IBU

Peach. To be ore precise this has a really pleasant peach aroma which just takes over the whole glass as you breath it in

Pale golden in colour, a little cloudy, seems to be plenty of carbonation

Taste Experience
Quite fresh and little watery, but there is a kind peach aroma that envelops the ever so subtle bitterness; a slight sweet edge to it but not too much; can’t quite decide if this is lively in respect to the carbonation, but certainly isn’t fizzy. That fresh peach taste last quite a while in the mouth.

It has been a little hit and miss with fruit beers, can’t exactly say that I am fan of fruit beers but I know of many people who are; having said that I am going to stick my hand up and state that I actually enjoyed this as something completely different with plenty of flavour that compensates a great deal for the lightness (which is maybe a little watery); this is certainly the least bitter beer I can remember having. This is refreshing, still has that hit of the 5.1% alc at the end of the glass and for a fruit beer this has been a good experience.

Website O’Fallon Brewery

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