O’Fallon Brewery – Cherry Chocolate Beer

O'Fallon - Cherry Chocolate Beer

To the best of my knowledge this is the first fruit beer I’ve written about; the only disclaimer is that I do not consume chocolate, so I’ve no idea what is going to happen here.

The Beer O’Fallon – Cherry Chocolate Beer; 5.7% abv

Chocolate. Cherries.Actually more like those cherry liquor chocolates you get given at Christmas

Dark brown; no head per se; cloudy

O'Fallon - Cherry Chocolate Beer (closeup)

Taste Experience
Chocolate. Cherries; some coffee elements, a little sweet and bitterness that seems to come from the alcohol; light bodied and a little watery finish.

I appreciate what this beer is trying to do, but it really isn’t for my tastes. If you like fruit beers then give it a try, especially as the summer draws to and end and you still want something a little more refreshing. This is a brewery that seems to be doing well with its other brews given the awards they are getting, so one I will be looking out for in the future.

Website Ofallon Brewery

One thought on “O’Fallon Brewery – Cherry Chocolate Beer

  1. For some reason this made me think of O'Hanlon's lovely Port Stout – probably just the name doing it. I have a plan to make a dark cherry imperial milk stout at some point.

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