Two Brothers – Ebel’s Weiss

Two Brothers - Ebel's Weiss

For some reason the original, wandering narrative at the start of the post has gone; It was saying something to the effect that I am not a great fan of weizen beer, but I am always open to suggestion, or something like that

The Beer Two Brothers – Ebel’s Weiss; 4.9%abv, 12IBU, 12.9°

Fresh combination of wheat, vanilla, light malts and some fresh orange

very clean, crisp, clear gold with not much in the way of a head; plenty of bubbles rising

Two Brothers - Ebel's Weiss (close up)

Taste Experience
a very crisp, clean taste that has strong elements of wheat, some malt, vanilla and cloves; light-medium bodied, a little water which makes it quite fresh (especially when cold); quite lively, maybe a little too lively; doesn’t feel as strong as the almost 5% would suggest; it is supposed to have banana, I was getting clove-orange.

Very satisfying. I am not a great fan of hefeweizen, but this is very good to stick with during the summer. The flavours really enhance the beer – I love the cloves and vanilla. Eventually got the banana when I belched.

Website Two Brothers

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