Baron’s – Strong Brew

Baron's - Strong Brew

When I lived in Singapore a few years back, I moved here from the beer heartlands of Germany; the contrast couldn’t be greater, essentially I was moving from a beer heaven to, well somewhere that isn’t on the beer map of the world, certainly in respect to the quality and variety and that goes for the import too; finding anything that wasn’t full on industrial slop and was also relatively affordable was, and still is, a fruitless task. I pretty switched off the beer drinking whilst I was here and switched to drinking fresh sugar cane juice.

The Beer Baron’s – Strong Brew, 8.8%abv

Lighter malted aroma, some citrus maybe hops coming out

light gold, frothy head that quickly goes; quite a bit of fizz rising

Baron's - Strong Brew (close up)

Taste Experience
Very heavy on the alcohol from the start, bitterness comes from somewhere – probably the alc, maybe a little in the way of malt and citrus but really everything is drowned out by the alc; quite fizzy

This beer actually numbed my lips, I couldn’t feel them for a while afterwards. All beer and alcoholic beverages are expensive in Singapore and the range is somewhat limited. You can spend the same on a small bottle of acceptable Belgian beer as you would spend on a bottle of good wine back in Europe or US. That said the range of beers available in stores/bars/etc isn’t great so this beer stands out in terms of potency and being a little different; found a glass of Malbec from Argentina instead, very enjoyable (the Malbec).


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