Marston’s – Old Empire IPA

Marston's - Old Empire

The Welsh seaside: Fish and Chips (which I hadn’t had for a very long time), sea air, world cup football on the telly, excellent side/back lighting from a setting sun, plus I can’t even remember the last time I had anything from Burton on Trent. Coincidentally, there was a TV program all about them (well railway journey of Britain) and they even mentioned IPA.

The Beer Marston’s – Old Empire India Pale Ale, 5.7%

Malty, very little in the way of hops or grass but it is there, and maybe a little sweetness.

Golden/amber in colour, frothy white head that quickly went.

Taste Experience
Pleasantly bitter that did last quite a while, some malted elements; quite lively, alcohol content does come out a bit more than I expected; not too complicated, a honest beer

I would quite happily have a six pack of these somewhere in the house, this is a pleasant enough beer that refreshes the mouth and went down very well after a rather large fish and chips. If nothing else I was quite pleased with the photo, the colour and bottle work very well with the sea backdrop.

Website Marston’s

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