Lagunitas – Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale

Lagunitas – Little Sumpin’ Extra

Right from the start I was under the impression that this was an IPA, guess not...

The Beer Lagunitas – Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale; 72.51 IBU, 8.74% abv
Aroma a little on the sweet side, very hoppy and hints of fresh, damp grass; hint of strawberries, or certainly summer fruits
Appearance almost a deep amber; off white fluffy head
Taste Bitter, that has a long lasting affect on the mouth; maybe some hint of honey, a little fruity perhaps; traces of malt can be found; overall strong, robust flavours fight it out
Mouthfeel smooth, full bodied, alcohol hits the back of the mouth and throat, a little dry, and fresh – can you even get these kind of combinations.
Comments Good beer. This is a full on taste experience that is probably as close to being an Imperial version of wheat ale as is possible. Originally the impression was that this is an IPA, it seems not to be, but it is certainly close. This is a limited release beer so isn’t always
Website Lagunitas

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