Bell’s – Hopslam

Bell's - Hopslam

Bell’s – Hopslam

Imperial IPAs are currently filling the storage area and sitting in the fridge. Sooner or later I’ll get back to doing Imperial Stouts. Maybe I’d should rename the site “Imperial Beers”.

The Beer Bell’s – Hopslam; 10% abv
Aroma Full on hops, freshly cut grass, a little citrus, maybe some blackcurrants
Appearance Amber; ever so slightly opaque (not much though); little or no carbonation visible
Taste Bitter. Not much else. okay, so it is also very much a full on hoppy experience; this bitterness is long lasting
Mouthfeel medium to full bodied, this might be slightly deceptive given the the smooth alcohol feeling; a little sharp or at least dry sensation
Comments Since this beer is categorised as an “Imperial IPA” I will assume that the IBU is pretty high; regardless the bitterness really comes out more stronger than anything else. As an Imperial IPA goes this is all I would expect to find in such a beer, although compared to others this is a little less complex in the taste arena. Someone needs to tell Bells’ that this beer is also available in Illinois since this is available just down the road from where I live (which the last time I looked was still in Illinois). Regardless, this is still a fabulous beer.
Website Bell’s Brewery

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