Samuel Smith’s – Winter Welcome Ale

Samuel Smith's - Winter Welcome Ale

Samuel Smith’s – Winter Welcome Ale

Anyone who has even a vague interest in this site will know that I am a fan of Samuel Smith’s beers, at least from the point of view of grabbing a bottle whenever I find one and this is one that I was lucky to find just before Christmas…

The Beer Samuel Smith’s – Winter Welcome Ale, 6% abv
Aroma Malty, some citrus traces and maybe a hint of spice (or maybe it was the cinnamon pine cones my wife has over the fire place)
Appearance Deep copper, fluffy head that quickly disappears, plenty of carbonation visible
Taste Complex fusion of malts, hops, citrus; not overly bitter for the first few mouth fulls, but the bitterness and remainder of the flavours comes out later
Mouth feel Medium-full bodied; smooth, a little on the creamy side, and feel quite alcoholic
Comments Overall, erring on the side of being one of the better winter beers I can remember having (and the main reason for writing about them is to attempt to remember the beers I’ve tried).
Website Merchant du Vin

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