Bell’s – Winter White Ale

Bells - Winter White Ale

Bell's - Winter White Ale

The chap in the wine shop was most enthused by the fact that someone was interested in the varieties of beer he had on offer, even more so about the fact that they had only just taken delivery of this batch of beer

The Beer Bell’s – Winter White Ale; 5% abv
Aroma Light golden in colour, slightly cloudy with some visible carbonation; not much of a foamy head, goes away quickly
Appearance An aromatic combination of grains, wheat, some orange peel and further traces of citrus-spice
Taste Mainly wheat and citrus traces; moderately bitter, an average duration of flavour
Mouth feel Dry, light-medium body, velvety soft, and fresh; a little watery.
Comments This is a relatively new season of beer – only available from 01 Nov. Enjoyable and refreshing, and not what I’d expect for a winter beer (i.e. a wheat beer). Recommendable if you like wheat beers, although a little light if you prefer something with a bit more of a kick or flavour.
Website Bell’s

Bell’s have a really great website, on the back of the bottle is printed a batch number, enter this in to the search on the website and it tells you more about the batch and when it was bottled.


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