Goose Island – Demolition

Goose Island - Demolition

Goose Island - Demolition

Not much to preamble about this time, I am in the process of moving house so I am thoroughly knackered. What better way to end the day with a Goose Island special; this is part of their Heritage Collection which, as far as I can tell, is a celebration of the saving of their Clyborn Ave brew pub from closure back in Nov 2008. Question is: would they have done something like this anyway, if not then we have to thank the landlord for thinking about closing it, otherwise we might not have got these beers.

The Beer Goose Island – Demolition, 6.7%, 45IBU
Aroma wheaty, lots of fruity esters (I got a whiff of strawberry), almost heading down the road towards a Belgian dubbel
Appearance Golden-yellow, slightly cloudy, little or not much of a head
Taste lightly sweet at first, fruity combination (I get apple too), wheat, moderate bitterness
Mouthfeel Medium to full bodied, somewhat dry, lively in that is makes it silky smooth, moderate to heavy alcoholic feel
Comments This Belgian Style Golden Ale is a really great beer, simple as that. It is a combination of the flavours you’d get from a wheat beer without being a wheat beer. Strong, certainly not a gulping down quickly beer, something to savour an share. On the ‘a’ list it goes
Website Goose Island

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