Sierra Nevada – Summerfest

Sierra Nevada - Summerfest

Sierra Nevada - Summerfest

Preamble: Ah summer, it has this habit of eventually turning up when it is nearly over. It is also a time when the breweries come up with a summer beer that is both refreshing and light, question is why it has to be light but this is something best left to the marketing teams who seem to think they know what they are doing. In Holland, for example, it was the trend to add fruit twists to the beer to make the mass produced stuff even less appetising, but then they seemed to counter this by producing excellent autumn beers, almost as if they were appeasing the brewers who were, at least once a year, let off the leash.

The Beer: Sierra Nevada – Summerfest; 5% abv, 32 IBU

Aroma: Lager; moderately bread like with some elements of grains; somewhat hoppy with “flowery” elements thrown in for good measure
Appearance: light head that really didn’t hang around; clear and sparkling, which I guess is a light yellow
Taste: some light sweetness initially, and the bitterness adds some depth to it
Mouthfeel: light to medium bodied, somewhat dry, with watery parts, quite fizzy

Somewhere in the back of my mind there are parallels between this and a lot of the beers I tried in Czech Republic; sadly, time has eroded these memories enough to at least be hesitant to compare it to a particlur brand. But this is good news because it means that the beer is quite good. If you’re off to a BBQ and you know that the people there are not going to get Imperial Stouts, or IPAs, and consider something outside of the domestic brands of light beers or mass produced gutter water to be going a little too far (or even exotic) then this would be a good way of not scaring the life out them. First, the author would suggest that it would not offend himself having to drink such a beer and also it would provide an alternative example of US brewing that it complex enough to have depth and enjoyment, but also something that moves away from the general beers; it’s also local which can help in some quarters. The whole point here is that it is an acceptable beer and might even help them open up to a world of alternatives.

Website: Sierra Nevada

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