Two Brothers – Hop Juice

Two Brothers - Hop Juice

Two Brothers - Hop Juice

I’ve got a buckets of respect for these guys. Never met them, or had the pleasure of talking with them, but my guess is that they get so much enjoyment out of their brewing, it comes through in the end result. By itself Northwind Stout is one of the best beers I’ve had, which is something if this beer can be remembered above all others. A week back they launched Moaten, which I was fortunate to be at the launch party for (more on Moaten in a year or so, I’ve got two bottles of this saved for a rainy day); And so we come on to a double IPA…

The Beer Two Brothers – Hop Juice, double IPA; 9.9% abv, 100.1 IBU

Aroma: Grassy and fresh
Appearance: Creamy head, off white (not by much), it actually hangs round a bit; a clear, mid-tone brown with some visible traces of carbonation
Taste: Intense! Bitter! Wow! (obviously) very hoppy; heavy bitter aftertaste, and it last quite a while
Mouthfeel: Medium to full bodied; dry texture, lively in carbonation, heavy in alcohol

This makes some of the Imperial Stouts seem sweet in comparison; I’ve been looking through some of the other beers (that I can remember) and nothing even comes close to the intense bitterness of this. If you are not expecting this then the experience will come as a surprise, even a shock to the mouth. Having said that the experience is not unpleasant, everything seems to work in harmony: we are looking at a heavy beer (although I’d say it is not full bodied), lots of flavour, lots of bitterness, lots of alcohol, and it all works. This really isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you find yourself looking at a few of these in the store then buy one (or two) and enjoy the experience. A very good beer.

Website: Two Brothers


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