Anchor – Porter


Anchor - Porter

Preamble: Its been exactly one year since I came to the US coming to a country who’s beer I had no idea about, nor even what to expect. A year on, 50+ beers sampled, and I find myself speaking up for US beers in a big way whenever the need arises; US beers go so far beyond the mass market beers that one associates with USA, and there are so many of them, that the one concept I still can’t grapple with is why do so many people still choose the mass market beers over the excellence that they could otherwise get. If there has been one change in this year’s beer experience it has to be the (re)discovery of the Porter style, so it is fitting that this first tasting of the second year should go to a Porter.

The Beer: Anchor, Porter; 5.6% abv

Aroma: Fruity (think Vimto), nutty and some roasted grains thrown in for good measure
Appearance: Very dark brown; fluffy tan head. last for a while but not too long
Taste: Its like a taste fight: in one corner you get the nutty lot, in the other grains, and somewhere in the middle fruity esters, all going at it; some vanilla; moderate bitterness, some sweetness (light); aftertaste gives in to the nuttiness
Mouthfeel:medium to full bodied, somewhat dry, soft fizz; has a strange finish to it, somewhat alcoholic

Not as refreshing as some of the other porters and it fights about in the higher band of porters that just want to be stouts but can’t quite make it. The strange thing is that Vimto taste, which is essentially a mix of grapes, raspberries, and blackcurrants. Still, it is good.

Website: Anchor Brewing


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