Harviestoun – Old Engine Oil

Harviestoun - Old Engine Oil

Harviestoun - Old Engine Oil

The Ola Dubh has been looking at me every time I go into the beer shop; at $12 a bottle and an attractive presentation box to come with it it is impressive, and one would hope that the taste is equally impressive. Given the fact that I’ve not actually brought myself to part with the money (just yet), and at the same time am probably missing out on a lot, I did get round to purchasing one of the somewhat lonesome siblings that is usually sits next to these grand beers. Another of the grand Harviestoun offerings that catches the eye, Old Engine Oil black ale comes without the special box but still comes from the brewery in Alva, Clackmannanshire – which is a part of Scotland I never knew existed, which is pretty good going considering I come from Scotland.

The Beer: Harviestoun – Old Engine Oil, 6% abv

Aroma: a dark roasted aroma, with elements of toastings that are slightly burnt
Appearance: Jet black, a light head that is a vanilla-tan in colour
Taste: deeply, dark roasted taste, some dark chocolate traces that is strongly bitter
Mouthfeel: velvety, full bodied, has a full on presence

Such a fabulous beer, although it leaves me with some confusion, whilst the brewer calls this a dark ale it is far more like a Stout – I am sure there is an analysis somewhere that debates when a Stout is a dark ale and vice versa. This doesn’t detract from being a fabulous beer and is the next step towards that boxed beauty, the Ola Dubh.

Website: Harviestoun


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