Goose Island – Naughty Goose

Goose Island - Naughty Goose

Goose Island - Naughty Goose

Preamble: Goose Island produce a “special” range of beers they call the Heritage Collection. At time of writing this consists of three beers (all of which are sitting in the fridge waiting to be sampled and written about): Red Felt, an American Red Ale; Demolition, a Belgian Style Golden Ale; and this, Naughty Goose, an American Brown Ale.

The Beer: Goose Island – Naughty Goose American Brown Ale; 5.4% abv, 35 IBU

Aroma: Fusion of malts, grains (probably barley), some nutty traces and some earthy tones
Appearance: Very dark brown (tan), some bubbles rising; fluffy head that quickly disappears
Taste: Nutty, slightly toasted, some bitterness that does give way to slightly more rasping towards the end; possibly some caramel in there although it tastes more like the caramel was overdone
Mouthfeel: Fresh, lighter than they say it should be (i.e. medium bodied), some amount of an attempted attack of the tongue

In some respects there could be something fundamentally wrong with the way I am currently sampling these beers in that they are being sampled individually and not with another example of the same style, or at least some reference beer to be compared with. I say this because there could well be something lost whilst doing the sampling of an individual style on its own. Whilst I accept this approach is not always needed, in this case I believe it is; with Naughty Goose I am essentially missing something, it does seem to hit a lot of the elements that the BJCP have as style notes for American Brown Ale, only in this respect to this does it seems to be a good example for this style, but for my taste I am missing something. Probably sampling on an off day should be avoided (if an “off day” can be identified early enough).

Website: Goose Island

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