Great Divide Brewing – Oak Aged Yeti

Great Divide Brewing - Oak aged Yeti

Great Divide Brewing - Oak aged Yeti

Preamble: I am going to start with an attempt at a correction; in my opinion the label shows Bigfoot from the Patterson-Gimlin film, or at least a stylised version of it that has been flipped over. That aside, this is one of the four Yeti beers that Great Divide brew; they do have quite a large ranging selection of beers which will be interesting to discover over time. Of course the inspiration for the name could be because they hiding a whole family of Yetis who have been forced into brewing this stuff, the truth is out there. (I less than two sentences I have managed to revlea an aweful lot about myself and other interests).

The Beer: Great Divide Brewing – Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout; 9.5% abv

Aroma: Malted aromas combined with some chocolate and some wood (oak-ish?); all this combined with elements of smoke roastings somehow
Appearance: Jet black, thick, with an intensely dark tan head
Taste: Deeply dark roasted, some dark/bitter chocolate in there the romps around with a intensely bitter taste; some woody elements.
Mouthfeel: Intense, full frontal assault on the mouth, full bodied, very heavy.

Not detail of the IBU but I would guess this is upper 70s or most probably in the 80s, we are talking intense. The overall experience really does slug at you, although I would say that the intensity of the body and bitterness pretty much hijacks the overall taste. Having said that we are still looking at an Imperial Stout that hits all the marks with the addition of a wooded taste. It is safe to say that every time I try an Imperial Stout the sense aren’t quite ready for what is about to hit them, rather like being slugged by a yeti/bigfoot/sasquatch/other-creature-from-the-woods just when you least expect it. As far as an Imperial Stout goes this is really worth giving a shot if only to experience the mouth dissolving, head hitting intensity. Totally mad, but totally smashing; the head is already swimming.

Website: Great Divide Brewing


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