Pelican – Tsunami Stout

Pelican - Tsunami Stout

Pelican - Tsunami Stout

Preamble: Not a good week (so far) for the beer glasses; I managed to destroy two of the good ones and I am now resigned to look for replacements – a task made slightly more difficult by the fact that I bought them in Europe before moving to the US. Oregon appears to have it’s fair share of excellent breweries; Rogue is one of those that immediately springs immediately to (my) mind, but now I must add to that list the Pelican Pub and Brewery which seems to have a pretty good view of the Pacific, or at least Pacific City does. Erm, so not wanting to state the obvious any more….

The Beer: Pelican Pub and Brewery – Tsunami Stout; 16.8°, 7% abv, 50 IBU

Aroma: Dark roasted grains, deep malts, some coffee traces perhaps
Appearance: Jet black, tan head; head quickly goes away
Taste: Those dark roasted elements come through in the taste,  bitterness is well balanced and doesn’t dominate, coffe or more like dark chocolate is in there too or at least there is a combination of tastes that could lead you one way or the other
Mouthfeel: Silky smooth, full bodied, whilst the alcohol level is relatively high it doesn’t come out in force and throttle you

A fabulous combination of well balanced flavours provides for a Stout that is very easy to drink and simply wonderful. Feel like it edges towards a middle ground between an Irish Stout and an Imperial Stout, whilst I would not say that it is one or the other it accomodates the middle ground very well. This beer has won a few international awards and I can see why. Looking at the map Pacific City doesn’t look very close to anywhere else, so you’d need to stay there for a while since you can’t get anywhere else quickly (based on this beer I think this would be a very good idea).

Website: Pelican Pub and Brewery


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