Unibroue – Maudite

Unibrouwe - Maudite

Unibrouwe - Maudite

Unibroue have around 16 beers currently available, so you’d think there would be more available in the local stores, three is a bit of a let down. Maudite comes in two styles of bottle: “normal” metal capped, larger bottles with corks. The website suggests that the shelf life is 5 years plus, so we are talking a serious bottle fermented beer in about six years. Funnily enough I have a trip to Canada coming up soon, more opportunity to try out the other me thinks.

The Beer: Unibroue – Maudite, 8% abv

Aroma: Malty with fruity infusions, has the distinctive aroma of a strong malted beer
Appearance: Slightly cloudy, pale brown, little or no head, some traces of carbonation
Taste: Malted lightly toasted, a little fruity towards the end of the taste; complex and simple at the same time, has some spicy infusions in there.
Mouthfeel: Smooth, very smooth; full bodied, strong; aftertaste if quite strong

Very much in line with a Belgian strong ale (dubbel or even a trippel, but you get the point). Whilst there doesn’t seem to be much in the description above, but the essence is that whilst the taste has a complexity about it, there is a taste that is simple and honest – it gets to the point. In this case the point is that Maudite is excellent!, that’s 2 out of 2 for Unibroue.

Website: Unibroue


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