Rogue – Mom Hefeweizen

Rogue - Mom Hefeweizen

Rogue - Mom Hefeweizen

Preamble: This is unusual; I am sitting writing this listening to ELO with the storm raging round us, and the beer that is being written about is sitting in front on me – the unusual thing being that the beer is actually in front on me as opposed to waiting for months whilst the memory ferments in my mind and the notes are trying to spark that area of the brain that is meant to remember such experiences; given that day-to-day life is pretty much devoid of any experiences that I’d want to remember this is a form of therapy that at least gets me using the grey cells that otherwise wish to run off come Monday morning.

The Beer: Rogue, Mom Hefeweizen; 13º, 34 IBU

Aroma: Wheat. Tried to squeeze something else out of it but really couldn’t
Appearance: Golden in colour; head is good, lingers for a while then clears off; not too cloudy
Taste: Wheatiness, but then you get a blended in hit of corriander; some fruitiness but could get much else out of it
Mouthfeel: Bitter to some extent, light bodied, a bit on the harsh side across the tongue

I ended up getting more from this when sipping it in like you’d sample wine; the coriander comes out a lot stronger and you get some more of the complexities in there. This certainly isn’t like the straight from the barrel versions I had in Germany, but this is a good take on the style. Not so long ago there was a plan to head off to Las Vegas for a short trip, mainly for the couple of notable breweries there and and the monorail; however, having been advised strongly against going (for reasons that include new extensions to kitsch) I am playing with the idea of heading off to Portland, and then head to Newport, home of Rogue. Before anyone asks, “Twilight” is playing’ at full volume. Yum.

Website: Rogue

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