Southern Tier – 422 Pale Wheat Ale

Southern Tier - 422

Southern Tier - 422

Preamble: Time to get my backside off the chair and start writing; except I need to sit down to write so it was pointless using that metaphor. There are some beers you get and first impressions do not bode well, at least in respect to looking at the bottle, understanding the style and then fitting it all in to a stereotype that is, for the most part, unfounded and unfair. As the saying should go Never judge a beer by it’s label. I would also like to add that this is one of the first beers that I am consciously changing approach towards when serving, specifically in respect to serving temperature, I am now somewhat convinced that this is something that has been overlooked with previous samplings and has ultimately resulted in the experience being less than it should have been.

The Beer: Southern Tier – 422 Pale Wheat Ale, 5.0% abv

Aroma: Fruity esters simply leap up, certainly orange and lemon can be found in there together with a wheatiness
Appearance: Pale gold/yellow; fluffy head that quickly goes; lots of carbonation rising up the glass
Taste: Some citrus combinations around the wheatiness, some acidic tending bitterness. some hops. A subtly complex combination.
Mouthfeel: Gassy (lots of carbonation) but smooth, fresh and crisp, light bodied at first but it seemed to go heavier as you progressed through the glass; clean, bitter aftertaste.

I was pleasantly suprised by this beer; whilst it says on the bottle that this is an everyday beer, it actually is. Sometimes you are looking for an ‘honest’ beer that suffices but doesn’t offend and this is one that hits that mark. It is complex enough to have character but simple enough to be enjoyed, and you don’t need to think too much about the experience – just accept that what you are drinking is good and that’s that – then this is a beer to have in fridge waiting for you. I would go as far as to say that this would be complimentary as a lawn mowing beer, or even a BBQ beer in respect to the idea that you are drinking something refreshing and perceivably good quality.

Website: Southern Tier


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