Two Brothers – Avalon

Two Brothers - Avalon

Two Brothers - Avalon

Preamble: Combining two perfectly good drinks – cider and beer – seemed somewhat crazy at the time, but since everyone else was doing it you go along with the crowd. What followed can only be put down to the naivety of youth, but then such is life. It would be good to someday add Cider to the list of reviews since Cider was the original drink of choice, certainly in the area I lived, and it can be a very enjoyable drink on a summer’s day, especially in Worcestershire where the days seemed to be long and the cider farms too many. One of the delights was going to the farm and sampling the dry-medium-sweet ciders and then percentage combinations of each to eventually reach the point of buying a 5 litre container of the choice blend. Of course, fresh, unpasteurised Cider has the problem of shelf life, so the weekends usually ended up being fuzzy, the least said about Mondays the better. So it came as mix of nostalgia and apprehension when presented with the bottle of Avalon “Spiced Ale”, brewed with locally grown apples. Is this the correct way to go, spiced apple-beer…

The Beer: Two Brother’s Avalon; 7.7% abv, 19.41 IBU, 18.4°

Aroma: Spice, apples, malt, cider, fruity esters – pretty much what you’d expect from a spiced beer brewed with apples
Appearance: Nudging dark brown, very fluffy head, plenty of fizz, a slight cloudiness
Flavour: Spice, apples, malt, cider, fruity elements – pretty much what you’d expect from a spiced beer brewed with apples; some cidery bitterness
Mouthfeel: Somewhat heavy, full bodied, fizzy but not overly so, refreshing

I can see that this is not a beer for everyone; whilst this is first and foremost a beer, the spiced, fruity flavours remind you of a Belgian fruit beer, not that there is anything wrong with this but the style of beer is not going to be for everyone. As a beer it is enjoyable, as a spiced beer it is very enjoyable. Needless to say I would fall into the category of people who would say they like this and would recommend it to everyone to try at least once.

Website: Two Brothers


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