Purple Moose – Glaslyn Ale

Purple Moose - Glaslyn Ale

Purple Moose – Glaslyn Ale

It was just over two years ago that I wrote my first beer review, and around the same time I wrote about the first of the Purple Moose beers. It has now taken two years, a visit by my Dad, and a few format changes to get round to writing about the fourth Purple Moose beer. The Glaslyn Ale is named after the Glaslyn Pass, about 10km North of Porthmadog (the journey feels like 10km, it is probably just half that), which has an Osprey close by and now has a steam railway running along side it. Not bad eh! You read about beer and get birds and trains thrown in. Er, right..so, the beer has won competitions in Wales and UK and is one of the main brews. You can usualy find it on tap somewhere in Porthmadog, try the Ffestiniog Railway station…

Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale, 4.2%

Aroma: Fruity esters, hoppy, some vanilla elements trying to get out

Appearance: Light copper, lots of carbonation

Taste: Bitter, hoppy, some malty after taste; didn’t really find too much else in there, but the elements are pleasantly balanced

Mouthfeel: Soft, refreshing

The malts did give off a slightly burnt rather than toasted aroma, this was not carried through to the taste which was not detectable. Quite a fresh taste, would go well with a BBQ if we ever get weather warm enough to BBQ. Rather enjoyed it, very drinkable.

Totally disagree with ratebeer this time. Whatever.

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