Two Brothers – Northwind Imperial Stout

Northwind Imperial Stout

Northwind Imperial Stout

Preamble: On one of the first sunny days of the summer, at the weekend, I finally stopped being lazy and made it all of 15 minutes (drive) away to the Two Brother’s Tap house, which is conveniently located next to the Two Brother’s brewery. Not only does the menu spoil you for choice, but you get to sample the other side of the beers – straight out of the barrel, how it is meant to be sampled.

The Beer: Two Brother’s Northwind Imperial Stout, 7.5%

Aroma: A blend of richly dark-roasted malt with caramelised tones
Appearance: Jet black, slight amount of carbonation makes for a half-hearted head
Flavour: Heavy, dark-roasted, with those clean caramel tone, bitter but not mouth shrinkingly
Mouthfeel: Full bodied and thick, heavy but still velvety.

Fabulous. They really do have this style sorted out. Whilst it is a seasonal beer – more’s the pity – they were well stocked with this so I also took some home. The taste from the bottle also does this justice. The honest combination of elements provides the correct result, and in my opinion, something that is ultimately drinkable and enjoyable especially for this style.

Website: Two Brothers


3 thoughts on “Two Brothers – Northwind Imperial Stout

  1. It works like a brandy would do in such a glass: the aroma gets concentrated and assaults the nose just as you are about to drink it. I bought a brandy glass for home just to have such beers the right way.

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