Shiner – Bock

Shiner - Bock

Shiner - Bock

For as long as I have been living in the US it has been one of those aims to find this beer and give it a go on the basis of having been made aware of this brewery prior to leaving Prague (Hi Matt); when I was given the opportunity to try it out there was very little in the way of hesitation. Knowing what I now know about this beer it is increasingly difficult to write anything else, so let’s discuss the weather…

The Beer: Shiner Bock, 4.4% abv, 13 IBU

Aroma: Malt. Reminds me of the stale beer smell you used to get in pubs when they had carpets
Appearance: Mid tone brown/tan, no head, plenty of fizz
Flavour: Malt.
Mouthfeel: Very fizzy to the point of being overly carbonated, light (horribly so).

My first hope was that this had gone off. My hopes were dashed when I did some more research. Since trying this – I think it is only fair to add that I had two mouthfuls, shared it around between two other people and barely got passed and eighth of the bottle – it has been a task to try to remember the Bocks from The Netherlands and Germany; none of them seemed to taste like this; put it this way I managed to finish the Heineken Bock. This is really not a beer for me. The only question that remain unanswered: why did pubs in Britain have carpets.

Website: Shiner

3 thoughts on “Shiner – Bock

  1. I seem to remember once reading that only poor people had wooden floors, being able to afford carpet was a sign of affluence – hence pubs, and posh people, had carpets.

  2. Considering how good your reviews are… I can say I’m not surprised – I was hoping you would find it drinkable but….

    Maybe it was a bad bottle?!?! I remember buying them in Alaska and they were never as good as in Texas fresh from the tap.

    But I digress – I’m glad you finally reviewed one of my favorite beers – dare I ask you to look out for a Shiner Blonde (I believe that’s the name of the wheat beer they make )?


  3. I believe the ratings are a new thing – or else i completely missed them in the past. So throwing the bell curve off – here’s my 10 stars.

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