America’s Brewing Co. – Honey Wheat

America's Brewing Co. - Honey Wheat

America's Brewing Co. - Honey Wheat

The glass is half full; or at least in this case it is three-quarters full and there is a dire need to find smaller sized glassware. This is unless I decide to put some spin on this and suggest that the standard comparisons will be how much they give (or don’t give) you in a bottle compared to the standard pint glass – unless of course this is a standard 500ml glass. This leads me on to the unrelated subject of a site redesign which I am currently working on, which is lots of fun if you like setting up templates and web design (which I don’t but it has been on the to-do list for some time). Honey Wheat beer from America’s Brewing Co, which I guess comes under the American Wheat Ale style, has nothing to do with either site redesign or me looking for appropriate glassware.

The Beer: America’s Brewing Co. Honey Wheat, 5.4% abv, 15 IBU

Aroma: Wheat arome fused with some fruity esters, can just about squeeze out the honey in there
Appearance: Deep copper in colour (at least this is what I compared it to), no head, or at least what there was fizzles out, plenty of carbonation
Flavour: Hint of honey, hint of bitterness, some grainy traces; couldn’t detect the honey
Mouthfeel: Light, fizzy.

This is the brewery’s number two best seller. This means that the brewery really isn’t going to care too much about those people (i.e. me) who do not rave about it because there are simply enough people around to buy it and make it popular. I am going to stick with their Imperial Stout.

Website: America’s Brewing Co. (No longer in business)

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