Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Preamble: It was difficult to resist temptation when presented with a box of 24 beers at under a dollar a bottle. Even more so when this beer seems to score highly in the various internet beer ratings sites. Sierra Nevada is one of the top smaller breweries in terms of sales (#2) for 2008 and in the top ten (#7) for overall brewing companies for the same year in terms of sales. In the context of my beer tastings this is the first from this brewery.

The Beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 5.6% abv, 37 IBU

Aroma: Hoppy aroma, not too heavy with the hops, some citrus traces
Appearance: Deeper, gold amber with a stable, slightly vanilla ice cream white fluffy head, some yeast floating around makes it slightly cloudy
Flavour: Hoppy, but not overdone, some citrus traces found floating about; bitter aftertaste, but not too much
Mouthfeel: Refreshing, plenty of carbonation but not too much, light body

An enjoyable beer. Not that I have had too many of the 24 bottles since, everyone seems to take them out of the fridge as soon as I put any in. This is very drinkable, and is especially welcome after spending an hour cutting grass; is certainly makes the cut in terms of lawnmowing beer (after, not during since I need to keep both hands on the mower or else it cuts out, or I start getting fabulous paterns all over the place). Only another twelve or so beers from brewery to find and go through, which is going to be impossible unless I move next door to the brewery because there are about a million others in the US to get through. I need to do this full time.

Website: Sierra Nevada


2 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale

  1. This really is a superb ale, which I enjoyed on a rainy afternoon in Galway last year – looking forward to it being a regular in my fridge soon. Might even have to introduce the in-laws to it!

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