America’s Brewing Co. – Imperial Stout

America's Brewing Co. - Imperial Stout

America's Brewing Co. - Imperial Stout

It isn’t going to be every day that you sit down to a beer that will be so remarkable that you need to do the equivalent of a double take; these are going to be beers that stand out from anything else you have tried before, they have something about them that is new because it is a style you have never tried before, or a beer that sets the bench mark for that style in ways that will have you mouth longing for the  same experience over and over again. This is how I felt the first time I tried the Imperial Stout style – Rasputin – and it probably happened long ago when I was paying much attention to beer but tried the Belgian Dubbel/Trippel/Monastic beers. Needless to say you can already tell where this is going. America’s Brewing Co. Imperial Stoutis a limited edition, Bourbon barrel aged Stout

The Beer America’s Brewing Co. – Imperial Stout; 12% abv

Appearance: Engine Oil black, from the moment you pour it out it looks like you are pouring an incredible thick liquid into a car; little or no head.
Aroma: Bourbon. There is also a hint of fruitiness and dark roasted malts, but you just get the Bourbon aroma.
Taste: Intensely bitter taste that blends well with the Bourbon to give you a very well balanced taste that does have a kick, but is disguised with the complexities swimming around your mouth
Mouthfeel: It feels like a thick liquid, you can’t really take a mouthful of this, you have to sip it.

I can only describe this as fabulous. This is my first liquor barrel aged beer and it was one hell of an experience. It is like getting behind the wheel of a supercar for the first time and putting the foot down hard, the kick just feels amazing (in my case it was a TVR Griffith). The whole experience is somewhat humbling because you know that, whilst you can buy plenty of example of this style again, the first time you have this it is a moving experience. Right from the moment you pour the thick, black liquid into the glass (yes, I appreciate it should have been a snifter) and the aroma takes the nose full on, to the moment you taste and nearly cough because you can’t believe it, the whole drinking experince is almost divine. This is not going to be a beer for everyone, but for those who enjoy their Stouts, or even their Imperial Stouts, this is going to be a beer that is worth tracking down.

Website: America’s Brewing Co. (No longer in business)


One thought on “America’s Brewing Co. – Imperial Stout

  1. Went to the America’s Brewing Co. roundhouse last evening and had it on tap, in a 10 ounce snifter.

    As you would say, a completely cracking beer.

    Excellent in every conceivable way….except for the $23.80 charge for a 4 pack of 12 ounce bottles in their store……………

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