St Peter’s – Sorgham Beer


St Peter's - Sorgham Beer

St Peter’s Sorgham Beer is a gluten free beer and I could be wrong with this, but it would appear this is the brand name for the beer sold in the US that would be the same as the G-Free beer sold in the UK. Now it could be argued that someone, somewhere (in this case probably the importer) spelt  the whole name incorrectly on the basis that the genus of grasses that would have been used in the beer are spelt Sorghum and even Google tries to correct the spelling for you. That said, the beer does at least come in the distinctive oval shaped bottle.

The Beer: St Peter’s – Sorgham Beer, 4.5% abv

Appearance: light-pale amber in colour with little or no gas; no head when pouring out, looks like apple juice
Aroma: malty, grain aroma perhaps, there’s no clear or particularly distinct aroma
Taste: bitter, with a slight trace of fruitiness, a generic grain taste and some hops, but nothing special, grainy aftertaste
Mouthfeel: rather light, somewhat watery

I am really trying to squeeze something out of this. There are grain elements in there, but more generic than anything specific and this is pretty much the trend of the flavour. If you are on a gluten free diet then this is going to be a big appeal. This reminds me of what carob is to chocolate: in its own right it is perfectly acceptable and will have a specific market, but it will not necessarily have a broader appeal. Just wonder what happened to the naming of the beer – although in its defense the label does clearly state that this beer is made with Sorghum.

Website: St Peter’s Brewery

One thought on “St Peter’s – Sorgham Beer

  1. first time trying a gluton free beer, and probably the last. at first it tasted like a crisp pilsner beer, then the after taste left a well water full of impurities taste in my mouth. I’ve drank at least 150 different beers, from mass produced monsters, to small micro brews bursting with flavor and abv but couldn’t make myself even finish this one. thumbs down

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