Rogue – Mocha Porter

Rogue - Mocha Porter

Rogue - Mocha Porter

Preamble: It is probably safe to say that following St Peter’s Porter I’ve started liking, or at least appreciating, this style a lot more (will this also happen with IPA?). As with most of the styles I am trying in the US, a fair chunk of them are new to me; the irony here is that most of them can be be found in the UK, but it has taken years to get round to discovering them. This needs to be considered in the context that in the long detour of finally wanting to try something more than Guinness, the journey of beer discovery has been fueled by a great number of Belgian and German in the mean time.

The Beer: 13 Plato, 54.54 IBU, 5.3% abv; jet black, light tan head; malty aroma, slightly toasted aroma; not too bitter to taste, a blend of toasted malts and coffee elements; slightly bitter aftertaste, slightly acidic, slightly burnt roasted coffee beans; smooth, not overly carbonated.

This is almost the marriage of stout and porter; the stout elements come from the overall taste, that slightly bitter and toasted (or even a dark roasted) flavour, which is combined with the soft, almost uncarbonated porter style. This probably gets confusing if you look at the glass and think stout, and then get tasting and find it flat when it comes to the mouthfeel. Having said that it is these combinations that are simple and to the point that make this beer enjoyable.

Website: Rogue


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