Metropolitan Brewing – Flywheel Bright Lager

Metropolitan Brewing - Flywheel Bright Lager

Metropolitan Brewing - Flywheel Bright Lager

What is Bright Lager? Other than being a lager, and probably falling somewhere in the American Lager style, I am not sure what exactly bright lager is, nor what should be expected. The website does, however, help to fill this knowledge gap: “The kinetic beauty of spicy hops grabs you by the nose and lets you know: this is German-inspired beer. A mild, bready malt sweetness greets you at the lips, smoothing the crisp hop flavors”.

The Beer: 5% abv, 45 IBU, 13 Plato; pale, light, wheat-yellow in colour; fluffy, strong head; honey/lemon aroma, but rather light in giving off anything; honey, wheat blend that was somewhat hard to find, lightly bitter; somewhat overly carbonated

One of the more challenging parts of writing is trying to be as loyal as possible to the feelings you had at the time of tasting and to then balance the desire for a new brewery to do well. Indeed, I so want this brewery to do well, they are new to the brewery scene in Chicago and I believe they have the enthusiasm in right proportions; the labels are distinctive, and the designs invoke an image of industrialisation and hope that certainly seems to be just right in consideration to the history of the area. Whilst I would prefer the Dynamo beer (if there was a choice between it and mass market beers), I am just not not finding anything that makes this (or Dynamo) stand out  above the huge number of craft beers that are available; and this is the hardest part about writing about something that I appreciate, but at the same time find to be somewhat lacking: I really tried hard to get anything distinctive or special out of this beer, but couldn’t. That said it will not put me off trying out the remaining beers produced by Metropolitan Brewing.

Website: Metropolitan Brewing

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