Goose Island – Summertime

Goose Island - Summertime

Goose Island - Summertime

The idea of a beer being compared to summer time will invoke different ideas to different people. You would not pick this beer up and expect it to be full or sand, or remind you of sun tan lotion. The idea with Summertime beer is that the colour should resemble the sunshine and thus remind you of the summer.  But then Goose Island have to call it something original, this beer is a Kölsch style beer and, under name protection laws, can only be called a Kölsch if it is made in or around the German city of Köln (Cologne). Living in the South of Germany I never came across this style of beer (possibly because I wasn’t looking)

The Beer: 4.7% abv; light amber in colour (they call it Summertime), slight carbonation visible, miserable head that just goes away very quickly; not much to report on the aroma, some wheat/grain elements, nothing more; light wheaty elements in the taste, with some traces of fruit (which are also light); velvety texture, slightly bitter; fresh/light after taste, but does repeat on you (i.e. the gas escapes)

I would say the colour reminds me more of the smog hanging over the city, a bright smog, but smog nevertheless (which I accept is possibly unfair). Not really sure what to say about this beer. I didn’t finish it, and my wife didn’t think much either – she is getting to be an expert and her tastes are changing when it comes to beer, which can only be a good thing. Sorry Goose Island, not for me, I am sticking to Matilda for now.

Website: Goose Island

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