Metropolitan Brewing – Dynamo Copper Lager

Metropolitan Brewing - Dynamo Copper Lager

Metropolitan Brewing - Dynamo Copper Lager

Chicago seems to have an endless stream on new micro, and small, sized breweries starting up. Metropolitan has a gimmick: its beers are industrial in nature. You can delight in a Flywheel Lager, gently sup a Generator Doppelbock, or in this case get your mouth in gear with a Dynamo Copper Lager. This is a newer brewery, whilst not established enough to offer brewery tours (just yet), they do at least seem to be establishing a loyal following and high enough qualities to get noticed outside the immediate area.

The Beer: 5.6% abv, 29 IBU, 13.6 Plato; Light copper (rust) in colour, plenty of carbonation; light aroma of malts and hops, not really too much in the way of striking aroma; combination of a smoothed out sandpaper feel across the tongue that gives of a subtle malted taste, slightly bitter, more of a back of the tongue bitterness than any other part of the mouth; slightly bitter after taste; light bodied but does have an element of something about it.

Not a full, or even partially bodied beer, but ti does have enough to make a difference between lighter lagers and itself. On the whole this is an inoffensive beer and one that would make a difference to the experience of someone who is only used to lighter bodied lagers. I am at least impressed enough with this to suggest trying it, and will be looking out for the rest of these beers on the next shopping trip.

Website: Metropolitan Brewing

4 thoughts on “Metropolitan Brewing – Dynamo Copper Lager

  1. I’m digging the Dynamo. A lot more flavor than the Lagunitas Uncensored Copper Ale. Very “drinkable.”

  2. i cannot wait to get up to the chicago area and try some of Metropolitan’s offerings. We just don’t get enough of Chicago’s offerings down in central IL. I’ve heard good things.

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