St Peter’s – Golden Ale

St Peter's - Golden Ale

St Peter's - Golden Ale

Preamble: St Peter’s Brewery is fast becoming a favourite, so much so that I have just got another two beers left before I have exhausted the complete range of styles that they offer to the US, which really is a shame. Having said that they do export, which made me wonder whether the bottles would survive the journey – I ordered a stereo system when I first got to the US and was amazed it arrived in one piece given the condition of the box. The comments on St Peter’s website would suggest that my fears are somewhat unfounded given that several people in the US, and many more in Australia, have commented on how good the beer was in a context that would lead one to believe the stuff was shipped all that way and arrived in more or less the same condition it left. The safer alternative for all concerned would be to ship myself over to the brewery, check in to a local B&B and do some on site sampling.

The Beer: 4.7% abv; light gold in colour, not much in the way of detectable carbonation, head disappears quite quickly; combination of honey and hops in the aroma; light and fresh taste with hops and honey soothing their way out of the smoothness; not too much on the carbonation side; slightly bitter aftertaste with traces of honey in there to the end.

Reminds me of my local when I lived in rural England; not that they served this beer, but whatever it is they served it tasted almost the same after a Sunday lunch fry up in the heat of summer. The taste does not jump out at you but it could be consumed in ample proportions if you were so tempted to do so.

Website: St Peter’s Brewery

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