Lagunitas – Pils

Lagunitas - Pils

Lagunitas - Pils

Having, essentially, swam in Czech style Pilsners for over three years, and sipped a few German varieties for almost the same length of time before that, it would be easy to claim that the Pilsner style had been well and truly tasted to death. This is not strictly true as there is more to this style that just what is produced in the Czech and German regions. In fact it was just last year that a US brewer won Silver medal in the Brewers Association World Beer cup (with an Aussie brewery coming out top). Arguably you use the same ingredients as the Czech brewers, apply some loving care, and you get a barrel or two of fine Czech style Pilsner, or at least that is the general idea. It was, with a certain amount of amusement that I picked up a bottle of Czech style Pils from a Californian brewery with a non-Czech sounding name – why this should be amusing is somewhat lost on me now, probably related to the idea of trying something I have known for years but now in another part of the world, or maybe I was just bored with the shopping…

The Beer: 5.3%; clear, golden in colour, with a fine, fluffy head; crisp, fresh, hoppy aroma; crisp, clean, hoppy taste with some caramel tones (although very slightly washed out), bitter but subtly so; bitter, hoppy aftertaste.

I would hazard that this is more like the Germanic style of Pilsners as opposed to the Czech style – although I never even got close to trying all the Pilsnesr in Czech Republic (it is on the list of things to do in life if I ever get time).  Even with Saaz hops it does not exaclty hit the mark dead in the middle, but whilst wot exactly an outstanding example, but this does not offend in any way.

Website: Lagunitas

One thought on “Lagunitas – Pils

  1. And served in a Bohemia Regent glass to boot! Decent looking head of it as well. Inoffensive is just about the best way to describe most pilsners from the Czech Republic these days, with just a few standouts like Kout (that could admittedly be the stout drinker in me rearly its thirsty head).

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