Flossmoor Station – Pullman Brown Ale

Flossmoor Station - Pullman Brown Ale

Flossmoor Station - Pullman Brown Ale

What could be better (at least as far as I am concerned): a brewery, a restaurant, and a railway station – all in one. Other than being let down by the 70’s era railway system, this could be the ideal location to eat, drink and watch the world go by. On that subject, it will be one of the upcoming stops on the next beer tour of the local vicinity breweries that is long overdue.

The Beer: 6%, 16.5°, 27IBU; very deep, dark brown, tan head; malted aroma, faintly nutty; a rather gaseous but velvety taste, mellow with dry roasted taste, nutty elements, but the alcohol is drawn out and more pronounced; medium roast after taste, rich nutty and complex

There was something not quite right about this, something either missing or misplaced. The look and feel were just right, but this is missing something. Certainly the bottle design is lacking anything, and the beer information on the side is comprehensive enough. I would think that this is better on draft than in a bottle.

Website: Flossmoor Station

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