St Peter’s – Old Style Porter

St Peter's - Old Style Porter

St Peter's - Old Style Porter

Hot on the heels of the Stout comes the Old Style Porter. Whilst I wrote about liking the beer bottle in the previous post, I have since learnt that in the UK it is sold in an oval bottle and is copied from an original design created in 1770s by an innkeeper living in the town of Gibbstown in Philadelphia. Unfortunately for the export market we can only get the round versions of the bottle, but it is still quite distinctive; reminds me of a pair of antique Dutch glasses I once owned.

The Beer:  5.1%; caramel tones mixed in with a distinct maltiness forming a pleasant aroma; dark brown in colour, although in some light it even looks like a deep burgundy; caramelised malt taste, that is lightly bitter with a darker roasted side, some coffee hints; combines a richness of taste with a smoothness that is light at times, but also refreshing; almost flat, subtle.

The details of the beer state that this is a blended beer created by combining matured old ale and lighter, young ale “just like a porter should be”; as indeed a more traditional version of the porter should be a blend – you learn something new everyday. The question is which of their matured beers do they use and what would the mature beer taste like, and is it even available. Rather enjoyable, I could imagine saving this for summer days when you are looking for something with a bit more body with a refreshing side.

Website: St Peter’s Brewery

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