St Peter’s Brewery – Cream Stout

St Peter's Brewery - Cream Stout

St Peter's Brewery - Cream Stout

It is one of those ironies of getting into beer later on in life that I had neither heard of or come across this beer when I lived in the UK. Now, some 5000, or so, kilometers away I am being given this opportunity to discover English beers. Unlike some of the Belgian beers that can be found here, the English (and other British) beers will not break the bank, in fact they are usually cheaper than the US equivalent beers. Price aside, the quality of the beer, considering it has had to endure the voyage over, does not seem to be compromised and it is good to know that in some small way I am contributing to British beer exports (if it is indeed a good thing to know).

The Beer St Peter’s Brewery – Cream Stout; 6.5% abv

Jet black in colour, with a light but creamy head; a malty, caramelised aroma, even slightly fruity; bitter taste, with rich elements of toasted grains, some caramel traces; soft tones, in fact rather a soft mouthfeel, very pleasant; doesn’t have a hard aftertaste and is quite a pleasant combination of bitterness and toast.

I am not one of those beer drinkers who either collects bottles, beer labels, or those beer mats (it has been suggested that I am more of a beer collector, much like a bird spotter; not sure about this as I am enjoying discovering new beers and exploring beer styles) but in the case of St Peter’s brewery I really do like their bottles. There is something soft, almost old fashioned about them that adds a certain distinctive element to the beer. That said, this beer stands up for itself and is very enjoyable. The one quality that does seem to mark out this beer compared to others I have recently tried is the softness of the liquid; sure the beer has all the main characteristics that you’d expect to find in a Stout, but the water has softer elements that is kind to the mouth, almost caressing it. If you live near any pub that sells this on tap then I am envious of you, enjoy!

Website: St Peter’s Brewery

2 thoughts on “St Peter’s Brewery – Cream Stout

  1. That is one of the ironies that I am very much looking forward to exploiting when Stateside, the fact that I can get British ales far easier 5000 miles from home than just 1000.

  2. I’ve got an “Old Fashioned Porter” from the same brewery ready to write about too. The local beer seller has plenty on offer from Scottish breweries too.

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