Unibroue – La Fin Du Monde

Unibroue - La Fin Du Monde

Unibroue - La Fin Du Monde

The end of the world is nigh; could this even be stealthy attempt to take people on a journey to the restaurant of said place; or just maybe, in this case, the end of the world is in a bottle and comes from Quebec. No doubt Canada has as many fabulous breweries as the US does, at least in terms of the number of breweries per head of population. Can’t answer this question right now – although Toronto has at least five good example to the best of my knowledge, not include good beer pubs), but we start the Canadian beer list with a very Belgian style of beer.

The Beer: 9% abv; has a wonderful aroma the combines malty, fruity and honey tones; light, cloudy amber in colour with a fluffy head; smooth, malty and complex flavours do not carry any hint of its strength, just a subtle combination of spicy infusions with an effervescent texture; subtly spicy after taste.

This beer takes me back to those happy, care free days of living in Amsterdam. Not that I can remember very many Dutch Tripels, more like all those fabulous Belgian beers that taught me there is more to beer than a pint of bitter down the local, and yes beer can be savoured much like a fine wine. Darn good beer. Simple as that

Website: Unibroue

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