Three Floyds – Pride and Joy

Three Floyds - Pride and Joy

Three Floyds - Pride and Joy

An American Pale Ale. When trying to create a line for writing, or a theme, I am trying to remember similar styles of beer that I have tried in the past that can compare to the one I am writing about now. In the case of Mild I am trying to think back almost ten years to when the local pub in England only served milds and bitters. My memory for tasting something over ten years ago is not going to be a much of a comparison – I have problems remembering what I did last week, my life is so full* – so trying this American Pale is pretty much like tasting a new style for the first time, at the very least there is now a new marker. Three Floyds is on part 2 of my regional breweries tour, more of this to come.

* – I Wish

The Beer: 5% abv; fruity aroma, rather intense citrus smells groping the hops; pale amber in colour that is slightly hazy; has the right kind of balance between fruity elements (mainly citrus, although I would err on the side of suggesting that it is more in line with berries) and bitterness; fresh aftertaste; smooth.

Very pleasant beer; the main characteristic that I scribbled down in my notes was the very good blend of bitterness and fruity elements, it just has the right amount of kick. I am looking forward to trying this on tap.

Website: Three Floyds

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