Dogfish Head – 60 min IPA

Dogfish Head - 60 min IPA

Dogfish Head - 60 min IPA

Before I started writing about beer someone told me to always write things that you will regret in the future or come back to haunt you. Well, I would never regret anything, nor would I consider my opinion right all the time – it can be changed thanks to the passing of time. In the case of the 60 minute IPA I seem to recall stating in the very last posting that I would be keeping away from IPA for a while. So in this context I would say that a while is a few days, because here’s the next one.

The Beer: 6%, 60 IBU; Clear amber in colour with a half hearted, fuzzy head that quickly disappears; crisp, clean, hoppy aroma, very fresh; crisp, hoppy, bitter and refreshing taste that doesn’t seem to be as sharp as a lot of the previous IPAs; bitter, hoppy aftertaste.

There are two contrasts here: the first is that this didn’t seem as sharp as other IPAs even if the IBU rating is quite high; the second is thecontrast between the 90 minute IPA and the 60 minute. I seem to recall liking the 90 minute IPA so I would think that I need to try both out side by side. But as for the 60 minute IPA, it was actually enjoyable. Bitter, yes, but still enjoyable and quite freshing. Certainly worth a shot.

Website: Dogfish Head

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