Magic Hat – hI.P.A

Magic Hat - hI.P.A

Magic Hat - hI.P.A

Before I even get to the beer I would suggest going to the website; this has to be one of the better websites, beer or otherwise, that I have visited. Not that it is easy to navigate but still, the website design is in keeping with the label and the brewery theme; here is yet another example of an interesting use of trippy, almost acidic artwork on beer labels. It is like all those concept album LP covers from the 70s (I am too young to really remember, but old enough to know). I must thank Tom for this beer a I am sure that had it been down to me I would not have even picked it up.

The Beer: 5.8%, 16.5, 45 IBU; amber with a cloudiness; fresh, grassy aroma with citrus like fruitiness wafting up, hoppy/hemp; bitter, in fact sharp to taste, grassy elements, very strong taste of hops that give off more of a hemp taste; bitter aftertaste, leaving you with a mouthful of freshly mown grass.

I am still not getting the hang of IPAs; whether I am still trying to understand the style or get over the sheer shock of the mouthful of hops that makes this style of beer contrast from the more grainy, malty styles, I am not sure. In general the beers are not overly bitter (compared to say Stouts) and the do remind the drinker of summer days and mowing laws. Given that the bitterness rating is lower than a lot of the recent Imperial Stouts, for example, the taste is still quite sharp. One interesting element I got out of this is that the  beer did have hints of hemp – again, hops and hemp are close cousins – but the grassy nature of the beer did have me longing for summer to get here (or at least for winter to clear off). This would, I guess, appeal to those who enjoy IPAs as it has all the necessary traits to be a good example. For now I am going to give IPAs a rest, or at least try to.

Website: Magic Hat

One thought on “Magic Hat – hI.P.A

  1. I am not sure what the situation with traditional, British, IPAs is out there – but I would suggest trying to find a few, so you can see where the American versions are coming out of.

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