Samuel Smith’s – Nut Brown Ale

Samuel Smith's - Nut Brown Ale

Samuel Smith's - Nut Brown Ale

Someone recently told me that the US market accounts for a huge proportion of Samuel Smith’s beer sales; whether or not the US enjoyment of their beers accounts for their very existence I am not in a position to confirm. However, it seems that most of the stores I visit stock two or more varieties of Samuel Smith’s – especially the organic range of beers that go down well in the organic food supermarkets together with a few odd non-organic type beers they have. This can only be a good thing and, hopefully, with the UK economy on the rocks pulling the pound down this should (and I emphasize again the word hopefully) this will bring the cost down so that they can compete more favourably with other beers. This is the only time that will mention world economic conditions in a post.

The Beer: No alcohol (at least given that neither the website nor the bottle details it – I did see a  mention of 5% abv somewhere); dark tan (think shoe polish), creamy head; deliciously malty aroma with clear nutty elements; smooth, bitter, nutty (I am thinking hazelnuts); complexities include butter, vanilla-caramel; bitter aftertaste but clean.

Someone, somewhere (or Google) will be able to tell me why some beers have IBUs, plato, abv, abw, full chemical analysis and the brewers iPod music list, whilst other don’t even hint that the beer has something stronger than water, as it is in this case. This inconsistent labeling convention does not detract away from the general goodness of this beer. In fact, since moving to the US (sorry, Illinois) my liking for the Brown Ale style has been re-ignited; this beer is a very good example of such style. Let us hope that the the UK Pound drops further and the beer prices here fall (I doubt either would happen significantly, or at least the drop in the pound would not reflect in reduced beer prices like changes in oil would, and I prefer beer to oil any day). All I can say is stop what you are doing, rush out and purchase some of Tadcaster’s best (and probably only).

Website: Samuel Smith Brewery

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