Pivovar Kout, Prague

It’s not often I get let out, so when doing so it is always a good idea to make the most of it. Making the most of it this time meant being all the way back in Prague enjoying the finest of Czech Beers. Pivovar Kout is located in Praha-Žižkov, and it was a convenient 10 minute wlak from where I was staying. It is likely that for anyone who hasn’t actually ventured to these styles of bars before that you could easily mistake it for the kind of bar to attract the wrong sort and that it wouldn’t be too soon before the table and chairs would be flying out of the windows and crack teams of riot Police cordoning off the area to disperse rival gangs of beer drinkers from killing each other. If you do think along these lines then chances are you shouldn’t not be leaving the house and you need to know that Cloverfield was fictional (no ,really, it is).

There are four beers on tap, starting with the 10° and ending up with the darker 18

The 10° is light amber in colour and has a thick, creamy head; it has a fresh, hoppy aroma (if you can smell through the cigarette smoke) and is light to the taste and very smooth. Then it gets interesting; what starts out as a “bubblegum” flavour gives way to a minty taste. the overall effect is to give you something light and refreshing whilst changing the flavour all the way down.

The 12° is an unfiltered beer that is very similar in appearance to the 10°, except for the cloudiness; similar elements, but a slightly fuller bodied version.

One thing can be said about the drinkers in this pub, they don’t know how lucky they are; then again maybe they do and they eye the non-regular with pity (on the basis that you don’t get to have this stuff as often as they do). There is good reason to believe this simply on the basis of how good the beer is. No, in fact I am quite wrong, good is not a good enough word to describe how good this beer is; you must also add into the equation the fact that the beer is priced at 20 Kc (this is slightly less than 1USD) for 500ml. For the same price as a pint in the local (here in IL, USA) you can go through the entire menu of four beers and have your entire oral senses falls deeply in love with you whilst you are drinking the stuff.

The only thing that lets it down is the camera I took is crap. But this should not stop you, it is more than worth a visit, take a tent and live somewhere under a table.

Website: Pivovar Kout

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