Dogfish Head – Indian Brown Ale

Dogfish Head - Indian Brown Ale

Dogfish Head - Indian Brown Ale

This is a style of beer that, I am sure, the brewers had a laugh thinking up. You can imagine the discussion that went in to creating this, or was it just an accident that they combined the contents of a Scotch Ale, an I.P.A, and an American Brown and thought it might just work. But regardless of what may, or may not, have transpired, you can’t help feeling good about brewers who innovate, if they just wanted “normal” beer then they would just do that, but Dogfish Head seems to be able to play with beers and enjoy what they are doing, this enjoyment is carried through into the beers.

The Beer: 7.2%, 50 IBU; darker brown, with a fluffy head; fruity malt laced aroma and whiffs of robustness popping from the depths; strong, full bodied taste, a bitterness coming from the darker roasted elements with caramel tones which are somewhat drowned out by the dark roast; almost like a stout but not a think or bitter, but tending in that direction.

Another interesting beer, one that would go well with a heavier meal. I am not exactly sure what I would expect from this given that it is a hybrid style that tries to cover a lot of ground. Interesting never the less. Unless I am miscounting, the brewery brews 48 different beers (and several styles of spirit); if this is enjoying beers (and spirits) then I do not know what is. The only problem I have with them in that they are in Delaware and I am in Illinois, so it makes the weekend trip (if this winter ever breaks) a somewhat remote probability.

Website: Dogfish Head

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