Lost Coast – Downtown Brown

Lost Coast - Downtown Brown

Lost Coast - Downtown Brown

Another new brewery for me, and another brewery that really goes for striking presentation. If there is one thing to be said about breweries in the US and that is how striking most labels are and how well designed most websites (that I have visited) are. In a market that has a lot to offer you either have to rely on your strong reputation, or catch the eye with the label, and this is how Downtown Brown caught my eye. If the comments of the people in the store are anything to go by then I must have chosen well.

The Beer: 5% abv; dark, nutty brown colour; honey, nutty aroma with traces of maltiness wafting through; a complex taste that is somewhat bitter, honey and malty tones that seem to hit the middle of the tongue more than anywhere else in the mouth, does have a slightly water taste; bitter-nut aftertaste.

This has won lots of gold medals, so far be it from me to put a dampener on this; however, compared to a lot of other Brown Ales this is slightly wider of the mark. What let it down a bit was the watery element; for a beer that seems to have acquired a lot of awards I would not have expected this. Still, it is pleasant enough and would certainly go well with an evening meal. This is one of the fewer examples of recent weeks that I would say came in the right sized bottle – which you can read into what you want. Not something I will be rushing out to buy again, but pleasantly refreshing none the less.

Website: Lost Coast

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