Rogue – Shakespeare Stout

Rogue - Shakespeare Stout

Rogue - Shakespeare Stout

Are they trying to say that the bard drank this or would have done if he happened to pass Oregon on his way to a literary festival in Seattle or even a book signing in some small town close to Newport. Either way the bloke on the bottle looks like an extra from a Three Musketeers movie and there are certainly no signs of books, references to any of the poems, sonnet, or plays. Rogue’s website doesn’t even mention why they would want to call a Stout after Shakespeare (wouldn’t it be more tenuous to name the Stout Joyce’s Stout, at least an Irish author could be linked more comfortably with the Stout theme).

The Beer: 15°, 69IBU; Jet black, browning slightly towards the narrow parts of the glass, tan head; fruity, malty aroma; Pleasantly bitter with dark roasted malts wandering out and caressing the tongue gently; some taste complexities in there but the chocolate tones come out, edging towards the higher percentage dark chocolates, a little rough than smooth; somewhat a burnt toast aftertaste, mixed in with the chocolate – think dark chocolate spread on burnt wheat toast hence giving the bitter elements.

Rogue’s website states: “Victorian England recognized Oatmeal Stouts nutritional value and it is traditionally the drink of choice for nursing mothers and athletes”. We have two children and not once did my wife ask for beer, let alone Stout. This still doesn’t explain the name since, with regards to the name, we are talking about Elizabethan England a few centuries prior to Victoria. Despite all this confusion (at least in my head) I enjoyed it. It was a lot softer on the palate compared to the previous Imperial Stout offerings and a lot more enjoyable too. I have already recommended this for medicinal purposes to someone who asked; I would not go as far as to claim Stout is good for your health (I am not a doctor nor would I think, in legal terms, this is even possible without firm evidence), but in moderation I am sure it is not as bad as the US health warnings on the label try to make out; travelling on the train into Chicago everyday is probably a lot more of a health hazard compared to sitting down and enjoying a pint of Shakespeare’s best.

Website: Rogue

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