Lagunitas – Maximus IPA

Lagunitas - Maximus IPA

Lagunitas - Maximus IPA

I am still trying to understand IPA; historically it was brewed so that it would survive the voyage from UK to India in the days when it would take several months to make the journey, on seas that were less than calm and temperatures that would vary greatly. I have also read that this is nonsense and the beer never actually reached India because it became so popular in UK there wasn’t enough to ship across. Whatever the truth, the style is well establish in the US – as American IPA – and most breweries that I have come across, so far, have an IPA offering. Lagunitas have two, and this is the Maximus version which is more potent that their ‘normal’ IPA.

The beer: 7.5% abv, 72 IBU; Amber/Orange in colour with an orange tinted head; honey, citrus, hoppy aroma, tending towards the orange; intensely bitter to taste at first, somewhat heavy, but giving way to fruity elements, there is a great deal of complexity that is somewhat hijacked but the heaviness; bitter, citrus aftertaste (eventually).

Interesting; I should have gone with the normal IPA with the intent of having a head to head tasting. I would like to think that the IPA being less potent would draw out the complexities a lot more, but until I get round to trying it there isn’t much to say. This is certainly a summer beer, around the BBQ, ants and bugs getting to it before you do, etc.

Website: Lagunitas Brewing Company

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