Three Floyds – Black Sun Stout

Three Floyds - Black Sun Stout

Three Floyds - Black Sun Stout

Any brewer that brews stout is going to have at least one beer that must be worth trying; whilst this happens to be the second beer from Three Floyds (making the previous assertion somewhat redundant) this is the largest – in terms of bottle size – I could find from this brewer. A good thing in my book. Really do like the effort put in to the labeling, its very Acid-80s.

The Beer: 5.25% abv;  very black (or is it very, very very dark brown) in colour with a tan head; musty aroma with fruity undertones, something botanical about it; bitter to taste, with dark roasted somewhat smoky elements in there; strong ‘botanical’ traces in there, very smooth; Bitter-roasted after taste

The botanical elements can best be compared to the smell a Pelagonia plant has when you cut the stem. I felt it was somewhat ‘nasty’ at first but after it has eaten away the insides of the mouth it does taste good. Not on my list if favourite stouts, but good enough to try and maybe try again.

Website: Three Floyds

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